• SkillsUSA Jefferson County SkillsUSA includes the following pathways:

    Audio Video Technology and Film



    Through SkillsUSA you will have the opportunity to participate in region & state competitions, earn volunteer hours, and grow in the areas of technical skills, personal skills, and workplace skills.  SkillsUSA members are granted opportunities to prepare for the skilled workforce and career success while developing lifelong friendships and making lifelong memories.


    Are you interested in joining JCHS SkillsUSA? 


    Take a moment to complete the membership application to start the process.  Membership fee of $20 is due by Friday, October 2, 2020.  Paymets are due in cash or check written to Jefferson County High School.




    JCHS SkillsUSA Membership Application

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    Do You Have What It Takes To Lead JCHS SkillsUSA?

    JCHS SkillsUSA is in search of dedicated, dependable, and hardworking members to lead our team to success!  Our leadership squad will help lead our team by planning and hosting meetings, service projects, and fun activities.  


    What are the JCHS SkillsUSA leadership positions?

    JCHS SkillsUSA Leadership Squad consists of:


    • Must be able to work with people and encourage them to work for the chapter's benefit
    • Must be an impartial judge of the abilities of others and determine where they can make the best contributions
    • Presides over meetings, making sure they begin on time and follow the order of business as set forth on the agenda
    • Conducts meetings following correct parliamentary procedure and allows ample but not excessive time for discussion


    Vice President 

    • Presides at meetings and other functions in the absence of the president
    • Must be prepared to assume the office of president when necessary
    • Carries specific responsibilities for program planning, often with help from a program committee, to determine the program topics, secure speakers and arrange for necessary facilities
    • Is responsible for a year-end report on the chapter's accomplishments



    • Keeps all chapter records for a continuous reference to all that has happened
    • With the president, sets a tentative agenda of each meeting several days in advance
    • Keeps the minutes of each meeting, an alphabetical membership roll, and the final copy of the chapter's calendar of activities
    • Counts votes within an election
    • Strives to develop skills including listening, interpreting issues, taking concise notes and reporting accurately



    • Keeps the record of chapter funds
    • Assists in developing the annual budget
    • Maintains accurate records of income and expenses
    • Issues and maintains records of receipts



    • Gets news about the chapter to the public
    • Is able to write, or willing to learn to write, news stories on chapter activities
    • After getting the details about a meeting or program, prepares news releases and distributes them to newspapers and radio and television stations.
    • Gets acquainted with local news editors and finds out what they want: fully written stories or just the facts, photos or ample notice to send a professional photographer to events
    • Manages JCHS SkillsUSA social media sites




    Apply for a JCHS SkillsUSA Leadership Position


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