Ms.Morgan's Expectations

  • Expectations:

    As a JCHS Warrior, you are expected to be respectful, responsible and ready. You are expected to work to the best of your ability, everyone's best may look different, that's ok, you do the best you can do and I will help you with the rest. I expect each learner to communicate with me if and when they need help. Also, I expect learners to complete assignments for each marking period. WE CAN DO THIS! You’re not alone.

    As your instructor, I will lead to the best of my ability and provide a welcoming, productive, organized learning environment both virtually and in-person.



    Zoom meetings are MANDATORY. If you cannot attend a Zoom meeting, please notify the instructor at least 60 minutes before the scheduled meeting. If you have a job, please notify the instructor of any conflicting schedules. Zoom meetings are considered class participation and failure to report will result in a low participation grade.