Foundation of the United

    States of America



    Mr. Matthew S. Sherwood


    School Email: sherwoodm@jefferson.k12.ga.us


    Welcome back everyone!!! This school year is bound to be almost as crazy as the last one as we are still dealing with the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. We have a new Principal in Dr. John McAfee who is excited and dedicated to making this high school the best that he can with everyone’s help. It’s good to start to do things in a normal way now and I am looking forward to the new school year.


    As I am sure that you are aware, there are many changes that have and will take place once you come back to school. First is class will begin with what is being called “virtual learning”. This means for you to have school at home or some other place away from the actual school building and online. Accommodations will take place as needed but for the most part it will away from school and online. Then, once you physically are in the building and doing work there will be several weeks throughout the semester and the year where you will have all classes virtually instead of the building. Other than that, school will proceed in as normal of fashion as possible.


    Course Description: This new required class explores the roots of our American Government, by examining US History from the Colonization of North America through the War of 1812, and in the process looking at what the founding principles of our nation are and how those principles are embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. The focus will be upon individuals, events, elements, and philosophies which led to the formation of our Constitution.


    Materials: Paper, pen or pencil, three-ring binder or folder. The Social Studies department will be using a combination of chrome books and other sources in the classroom. The website for students to access course assignments and to turn in work is Google Classroom or the inboxes in the classroom.

    Major Assessment and Assignments: (GPS) Standards Mastery Tests, GPS Vocabulary Quizzes, and Trajectory Learning

    Tasks for each Unit Work

    First Nine Weeks Exam …October 7-9th…; Nine Weeks /Semester Exams…

    December 16-18th


    Office Hours: 9-10am and 11-12noon every day during the week.


    This means that I will be here waiting to help and instruct every day for two hours dedicated to you no matter what. It will be online but will able to be through things like Zoom and Google hangouts or other such media.


    Student Expectations:

    1. Engage in assignments
    2. Communicate with me
    3. Reach out to me for help if you need it
    4. Complete assignments on time which will be Sunday at 11:59 PM every week.
    5. Remember your grades count towards your GPA, Earning credits, graduating, Hope Scholarship, and honor graduate, as well as extra-curricular activities like sports.
    6. Be responsible for your work, self, grades, and effort… you get out what you put in.



    Grading Policy / Grades:


    The grading is on a 0 to 100 scale. No grades are given without work. All missing work assignments receive an automatic 0. If a student outright refuses to do the work for the day or week, then the student will receive a zero for that assignment. Whether it is a test or a common classwork assignment. The student will only be able to fix this zero by having a meeting with the teacher and doing make up work that meets or exceeds the original assignment.


    Although the speed at which class will proceed online and virtually will be slowed down to allow for every circumstance that may keep you from doing the classes at the usual speed, you will still be held accountable for the assignment and there will be no leniency for life that happens. That leniency is taken up in the very little amount of work you will be responsible for from this class during the weeks we are in virtual mode.


     GPS Mastery 80%... Includes everything except the First Nine Weeks Exam (10%) Semester Exam 10% …December 19th and 20th


     Rules to be aware of when returning to school:




    No cell phones or electronic devices and accessories should be used by students during scheduled class time.  JCHS has sufficient technology that will be provided to students if required for learning. 


    Between blocks/class changes:

    No cell phone usage is allowed by students during class changes.  This includes accessories – ear buds, headphones, Bluetooth devices, etc..  (should not be seen or heard)


    No charging of cell phones by students.


    If an emergency occurs and phone usage is required, use during the designated time/place or report to the office during a scheduled class change. 


    Cell phones may be used by students during designated times and in designated places which include the following: 

    1. Prior to the 8:25am go to class bell while seated in the cafeteria or gym
    2. During lunch while seated in the cafeteria. 



    1st offense – device taken – 1 day (remainder of the day) (4th block = phone returned the end of the next school day)

    2nd offense – device taken – 3 days – parent contact from admin. 

    3rd offense – device taken – 5 days – parent contact from admin.  

    4th offense and every offense thereafter– device taken – 10 days – parent contact from admin.


    *Students may pick up phones from the front office after the designated time and only after school.


     Jefferson County High School Dress Code Policy 

    With the Understanding that a student’s behavior is influenced by the way the student is dressed and with the understanding that no student should dress in a manner that is disruptive or has an adverse effect on the daily school activities, the following guidelines have been developed with input from the students, faculty, and administration. 


    1. Clothing and accessories should not display or imply profanity, sex, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, violence, or gang related activity.
    2. Clothing should not be disruptive to the learning environment or offensive to the gender, race, ethnicity, religion or culture of others.
    3. Hats, head coverings, bandana, curlers, picks, hairnets, and sunglasses are not to be worn during the school day. 
    4. No see through, mesh, or sheer garments are allowed. 
    5. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.  Bedroom shoes are not allowed.  
    6. Shirts must cover the midriff area.  Shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulder area.  Spaghetti straps and tank tops are not allowed.  
    7. Skirts and dresses must be knee length or longer, front and back. 
    8. Leggings may only be worn with skirts or dresses of appropriate length (knee length or longer)
    9. Pants and shorts must be knee length or longer.  Pants must be fitted at the waist with no undergarments showing.  
    10. No rips or holes in pants or shorts above the knee.
    11. No pajama pants and/or shirts.
    12. No blankets or pillows are permitted at school. 
    13. Proper and acceptable undergarments must be worn and must not be visible to others.  Cleavage must not show. 
    14. The school principal shall have discretion to schedule special dress days.
    15. The school principal or designee has a right to prohibit any item of clothing he or she deems inappropriate. 
    16.  The interpretation and decision of the principal shall be final.



    For when you come back to the classroom:


    General Classroom Expectations / Rules

    1. Be seated when the bell rings and remain seated unless given permission to leave.
    2. Be respectful of others in class.
    3. Be respectful of others when they have been given permission to speak.
    4. Keep all talking to an appropriate level.


    You are expected to use the restroom between classes however it is up to the teacher’s discretion to allow restroom breaks during class. If you leave the classroom you will need to sign the in/out book.

    When the intercom comes on, it is important for everyone to be quiet. There are announcements that affect people in different ways; athletes, band members, ROTC, and club members that need to be able to hear the message.


    ***Generally issued when minor violations have occurred. Some of these offenses include:

    Breaking rules involving gum, food, drinks, etc.; listening to morning and afternoon announcements; failure to follow classroom rules & procedures; inappropriate talking when others are presenting; and mildly disrespectful behavior.


    Consequences (In Class)


    1st violation: (Verbal or Reminder Card) Warning by Teacher ---- Name in Behavior Log

    2nd violation: Teacher/Student Mini Conference at end of class---- Documented in Behavior Log

    3rd violation: Contact Parent/ Advisor/ and or Coach ---- Documented in Behavior Log

    4th violation: Parent Conference at School with Teacher and Administration

    5th violation: Referred to Administrator

    Fighting, vandalism, extreme defiance, or stopping class from functioning

    ***Extreme: directly to administration


    After- School Tutorial: Tuesday & Thursday 3:35-4:15. You must sign up at least one day ahead of time before staying for tutorial.

    Please understand that your good behavior, attendance, and participation in this class are essential to your success on the Economics Milestone