Local Scholarships

State Scholarships

  • Correll Scholars Program at East GA State College


    *Student must attend East Georgia State College's Swainsboro campus.

    *Primary focus is leadership and service.

    2022 GA Mining Scholarship

    *$500 - $1,000

    *Letter of Recommendation required.

    *Deadline: February 18, 2022

    GA Hope Scholarship

    *Minimum 3.0 GPA

    *Meet Academic Rigor Requirements as outlined.

     Zell Miller Scholarship

    *Must meet all HOPE eligibility requirements.

    *Minimum 3.7 GPA

    *Must score 1200 or higher on a single SAT test date.

     ABAC 2022-2023 Scholarship

    *Apply for Admission.

    *Inform the JCHS Counselors' Office of your interest.

    *A JCHS Counselor will assist you with the Scholarship application process.


National Scholarships

  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

    *Deadline: October 31st, 5PM Eastern

    *Minimum Overall B/3.0 GPA in high school coursework.

    Classes Near Me Scholarship

    *Deadline: September 21st

    *$500 Scholarship

    CNA Free Training Scholarship

    *Deadline: April 2nd

    *$500 Scholarship

    Hagan Scholarship Foundation

    *Must have 3.75 Cumulative GPA

    *Must be Pell Grant eligible

    Stokes Language Scholarship

    *Must plan to pursue studies in Chinese or Russian language

    *Must have a minimum 3 years of coursework in foreign language

    Stokes STEM Scholarship Program

    *Must major in Computer Science or Computer/Electrical Engineering

    *Must be a high school senior

    *Must have minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA

    *Must have a Calculus and/or Physics course on transcript

    *Must have taken at least 2 courses of Computer Science or Engineering