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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Mathematics, Augusta University

Mr. James Chesser


Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year. I'm excited about continuing my teaching career at JCHS, for a second year. Upon graduating from Augusta University with my Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics, I quickly began my teaching career. I have a passion for teaching and mentoring, and I am expecting more awesome things from myself and my students as we go on this journey of learning together.

Teaching Philosophy

Often times, learning doesn't follow the straight path of "I tell/ show you and then you copy what I said/ did." In fact, I do not subscribe to that mentality. So what you might see when you step into my classroom is what you probably would call chaos, but I guarantee that it is controlled chaos. I want my students to figuratively get their hands dirty with a topic. I don't want them to sit in a seat and listen to me lecture for 90 minutes (nor do I want to talk for that long); I want them to feel confident enough to grapple with a problem or situation. I spend a little time during the beginning of class giving students the tools they need to figure something out. Then, at their own pace--and in a collaborative setting--students work to come up with answers to a given situation/ problem. But I don't give them a yes or no when they inevitably ask "is this right?" Instead, I'll meet their question with a question: A question like "Well, does this make sense?" or "Is this true all the time?" The list goes on. Students sometimes get annoyed when I won't tell them if they're right or wrong. It's okay for that to happen because at the end of class we'll always consolidate our learning and I, as the expert in the room, will make sure everyone has what they need before they leave. It's a messy journey. Everyday. But we are learning. 

Research + Topics of Interest

If you're interested in finding out more about what my class is typically like, check out Peter Liljedahl's work at Building Thinking Classrooms

Fall 2023 Course Schedule