• Cell Phone Policy

    The Jefferson County Middle School administration highly recommends and encourages that cell phones not be brought to school. However, if one chooses to bring a cell phone, the cell phone will be collected and stored until the end of the school day.  Cellphones that are brought to school will be collected and safely stored by the homeroom teacher each day.  If a student does not turn in his/her cell phone, consequences will be imposed.  Cell phones cause distractions to the learning environment and are not needed at school. Jefferson County Middle School is not liable for any lost, broken, damaged, or stolen cell phones. Cell phones are expensive and we highly encourage all students to avoid bringing cellphones to school, where they can get lost, broken, or stolen. In emergency situations students may use school phones as needed. Jefferson County Middle School will not waste instructional time with cell phone issues, disciplinary action will take place for any misuse or violation of cell phone policy.