• Welcome to my class where together we destroy barriers and knock down walls in pursuit of success.

  • I am Ms. Phrashunda Hudson.  Currently, I am beginning my 19th year in education here at Jefferson County High School.  I am thrilled to be working with our transition development program and look forward to enhancing your employability skills, helping you set attainable short term and long term goals,  increasing financial literacy, and mapping out your career pathway while providing you with resources that will truly be your lifeline after graduation.  My classes are both engaging and enlightening as they prepare you for post secondary goals , teach self advocacy skills, and encourages students to maintain the highest academic success possible.  With that being said, we will be working with Vocational Rehabilitation, High School High Tech, Goodwill, and the CHOICE Programs.  Students will train with Starbucks, and gain some valuable insight as to what makes them marketable and how to sell yourself in a world of highly marketable individuals.  I believe in each of you, and commit to making sure that you are afforded every opportunity to be academically, professionally, and socially successful.  Lets  have a great year!