First Name Last Name Title Email Address
Molly Howard .Superintendent
Felicia Terrell Administrative Assistant
Stacy Arnold Assistant Superintendent
Sam Dasher Assistant Superintendent
Donnie Hodges Assistant Superintendent
Renee Weeks Business Office - Comptroller
Dana Williams Director of Teaching and Learning
Michael Lewis Director of Testing
Scott Tiner Maintenance Supervisor
Shonta Walker Payroll/Human Resources
Shirlinda Logan Personnel/Human Resources
Bonnie Brett Purchasing/Payables
Wanda Darisaw Receptionist
Natalie Stapleton School Nutrition Bookkeeper
Stephanie Wynn School Nutrition Supervisor
Staci Dyches School Psychologist
Burine Hill Social Worker/Homeless Liaison
Phrashunda Hudson Special Education Director
Moneka Johnson Special Education Secretary
Chartain Hannah Technician
Gary Wilkerson Technician
Lynn Hopper Technology Director
Bill Kitterman Technology Specialist for Data Analysis
Tracy Walden Transportation Director
Robbi Walden Transportation Secretary