•  Williams, Shanna I am Shanna Williams, School Counselor, and I want to say WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to a wonderful and exciting new school year at Carver Elementary.

    The guidance and counseling office offers many services to help our students succeed. We offer individual and group counseling services to help with areas such as:

    ·        Social skills

    ·        Anger management

    ·        Academic success

    ·        Peer and adult relationships

    ·        Conflict resolution

    ·        Decision making

    ·        Parent Workshops


    Carver encourages all parents to be involved in all aspects of their students’ academic success. If you feel that your student has some other areas you would like to for me to discuss with them, please feel free to give me a call and let me know. I am here to help you and your student to maintain success in all that you do.

    We expect to hear from you very soon.


    Thanks so much,

    Shanna Williams, School Counselor

    (478) 252-5762