• gifted  

    The Gifted program is designed for the student who demonstrates the potential for exceptional academic achievement in grades K-8.  The overall purpose for gifted education is to provide for the extension of learning opportunities, development of individual potential, enhancement of the student’s self-concept and advancement toward becoming an independent learner beyond the experiences of the regular classroom.  The school serves the students with the Resource Model, where students are pulled one day a week for class. 

                A student may be eligible for gifted education services under two rules established by the Georgia Department of Education.  To be eligible for services under the multiple criteria rule (160-4-2.38), a student must meet criteria in any three of the following areas: Mental ability, achievement, creativity and motivation.

                The Jefferson County Board of Education will provide services, quality texts, ancillary materials and equipment in order to meet the gifted students’ needs for a differentiated curriculum.